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10 Reasons that a REALTOR® membership is a great value

Eavesdrop on any conversation between REALTOR®. Listen to how often we talk about Value -- the value we bring to the transaction, the value of the term REALTOR®. And so it is with that check you write each year to JCAR - your annual REALTOR® dues. You want value. Here are my top 10 Reasons that REALTOR® membership is a great value!

10. REALTOR® Benefits Plus - 401(k), long-term care, and disability insurance are among the special benefits programs available to REALTORS® through NAR.

9. REALTOR®Rewards - Who doesn't love a discount. Our group-buying strength brings you value. Go to for a complete list of partners.

8. Business meetings - NAR has the world's largest real estate trade show. The NAR annual convention and midyear meetings, the annual CAR convention, and REALTOR® Rally provide professional speakers, networking opportunities, and chances for professional growth.

7. Political power - The good guys win because we support them - with our PSF contributions and grassroots mobilization efforts. We have collective power when we stand together.

6. Current information. You'll find information and insight guaranteed to keep you current on the JCAR, WAR and NAR websites, as well as your monthly REALTOR® Your competition does.

5.  REALTOR®.com and One REALTOR® Place - In technology, we've chosen to embrace change and not be left behind. The No. 1 real estate site on the Internet is, and One REALTOR® Place is an award-winning industry information site.

4. Education - Ever expanding opportunities add to your expertise, from the GRI- Graduate REALTOR® Institute and other designation courses to technology courses, JCAR is also now become your source, with more classes that you want here locally, for continuing real estate education. When we learn, we earn.

3. Legal Advocacy - The REALTOR® team of legal experts and the Legal Action Fund work to promote reasonable legal standards governing our businesses and to advocate in the courts on issues critical to our future.

2. Legislative advocacy - We prosper when laws and regulations allow us to run our businesses successfully and deliver what our clients truly want - the American dream.

1. Code of Ethics - We choose these tough standards because we seek to be the best in the business. No, you can't buy ethics, but together we can make sure professional standards count.

The Jefferson County Association of REALTOR® is in the business of helping you achieve success. When you receive the bill for your 2005 REALTOR® dues, I'm sure you'll agree it's the best value around.


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Affiliate Membership is open to any individual or business related to the real estate industry. Some of the these include attorneys, title and insurance companies, lenders, builders, banking and financial services, and home inspectors.

Affiliate Membership will provide you with a solid customer foundation because REALTORS prefer working with someone they know.

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